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Lusty Ladies SexClub


Lusty Ladies SexClub V500 is based on WhiteRabbit work and Mod430...In SSLC V500 (Changes from V93).
- Added Medieval outfits M/F (V96).
- Added 3 Hentai outfit; Slave, Kenzo armor & Spacy outfit.
- Added open Black bra and open Black panty1, 2, 3 (see note).
- Added Fetish panty (Female/Shemale).
- Added white/black strapon.
- Added Strapon mod (no panty, invisible).
- Added reset icons for all clothes color.
- Added Catsuit/KillBill category (can be used with other clothes, gloves and boots).
- Added KillBill mod top/bottom option.
- Atomic tits with clothes.
- Silk bra (#18) does not remove corset.
- Space top doesn't remove pants, garter belt.
- Bunny harness & fetish harness does not remove underwear & pants/skirts.
- Female pants & KillBill don't remove boots auto.
- Apron doesn't auto remove panty/lower clothes.
- Strapon doesn't remove panties, pants, skirt, dresses during poses.
- Shemale don't remove skirt, dresses during poses.
- The 4 Latex fetish panties remain on during poses (female/shemale).
- Baby Doll & Black satin corset hide corsets instead of removing it.
- Leather underbust corset can be used with bra.
- Swimsuit can be used with pants/skirts.
- Guns from action outfit can be use with other clothes.
- More realistic condom.
- Males hats can be used by Females/Shemales.
- Nipple chain & nipple clamps can used on Men.
- Enable towel and swimsuit outfit for shemale.
- All eyewear can be used by all genders.
- Angel belt can be used on Female.
- Pit babe hot pants & complete nylon pantyhosecan be used by Shemale.
- Body Stockings can be worn with stockings and/or pantyhose (and vice versa).
- Stoking are over pantyhose, and pantyhose are over bodynet.
- Rename Fetish panty to Fetisn strapon.
- Rename "Bra/pasties" to "Bra".
- Separated pasties/nipple chains from top clothes(can be used with other top).
- Separated braclets and wedding gloves can be used with other gloves.
- Separated garter from garter belt (can be used with garter belt).
- Fixed bug with panty#25 with Shemales, and missing bunny ears label.
- Condom can be used with strapon (problem with strapon2).
- Earrings can be used on Men.
- Added lips select option (female/shemale).
[/B]- Increase maximum length of penis/strapon.
- New body shaper (with independent reset icon).
- Move Pregnant with the Body shaper.
- Added Barbie hairstyle.
- All hairstyle available for men.
- Added muscle definition.
- Move Pregnant with the Body shaper.
- Pregnant can be used with clothes.
- Enable pregnant with Shemales.
- Rename Pregnant to Stomach/Pregnant.
- Added lower tan line for Shemales.
- Added more nipples.
- Added reset color icon for hair, hair strand, nipples, eyelashes, eyebrow, skin tan.
- Rename Atomic Tits to SuperSizeMe.
- Added Virtually Jenna models (6).
- Jenna Shemale.
- Men can be selected as second player.
- Testicle inertia for Shemale.
- Shemales default voices is Female.
- Females/Shemales preference are set to pornstar.
- Transparent windows menu & removed background icon.
- No clipping body.
- No clipping rooms.
- Added Medieval (V96, with no clipping).
- Rooms numbered and change order.
- All poses available for all genders.
- Toys can be used with all poses.
- Added 69 Gay Blow/Hand (Male & Female).
- Unlock Golden shower1 & 2 (not complete).
- Clothes/Shoes are not remove automatically during poses (except shower/bondage).
- Shemales act like Females in the customizer room.
- Added Virtually Jenna voices (3).
- Change background.
- Removed intro logo.
- Some cosmetic change of windows menu.
- Removed labels on screen shot.
- Added excitment bar for 3rd model.
Notes: The 3 open panties remain on during poses, number 3 for Shemale only.
เกม Lusty Ladies SexClub จริงแล้วก็คือเกมเดียวกับ 3Dsexvilla ครับ. แต่เป็นเวอร์ชั่นที่ได้ทำการโมดิไฟด์เพิ่มออฟชั่นต่างๆครบ เพิ่มตัวละคร, ฉาก, อุปกรณ์ รวมแล้วเรียกว่ามีทุกสิ่งให้เลือกสรรค์ยิ่งกว่าเมอรี่คิงส์อีก แล้วที่สำคัญ ไม่มีไวรัส เหมือนเวอร์ชั่นก่อนๆครับ เรียกว่าเล่นได้อย่างสบายใจเลยครับ งานนี้ต้องยกนิ้วให้กับทาง TEAM K17 ที่โมเกมนี้ออกมาได้เจ๋งมากๆเลยครับ

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